Money has a firm grip on all of us. In case there’s plenty lying around, some people tend to act like gods and goddesses who need to be idolized. If we do not have enough, we keep on thinking of ways to generate it, to the point that others even resort to wicked deeds. Hence, it does not come as a shock when we hear about a relative or colleague who has to see a psychologist because of money-related issues.

In all honesty, the problem that I see here is that many individuals have a one-track mind when it comes to funding their dreams. “I have to work hard before I buy this house.” “I can’t put up the business that I have always had in my mind if I don’t have this specific amount of cash on hand.”

Well, the truth is that you can also turn to companies like Equities First Holdings to help you out.

What Is Equities First Holdings?

Equities First Holdings is an international lending company that maintains offices in a total of nine different locations in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The corporation was established in 2002 and grew to prominence when it started introducing various alternative loan solutions that would provide enough funds and room for personal financial growth to the borrower.


Why You Should Employ The Services Of Equities First Holdings

1. Entrepreneurs Can Use Stocks As A Collateral

The company encourages the potential debtors to stay away from margin loans issued typically by banks as they would require them to put the titles of their properties in collateral. If the person fails to return the money on time, along with interest, there is an excellent chance that the capital lenders will liquidate the debtor’s investments and leave him or her homeless or jobless.

On the other hand, the reason why Equities First Holdings supports the procurement of stock-based loans is that it allows the people to collateralize their stocks in the market. It will enable the latter to manage their finances without worrying about their establishment or residence is taken from them.

2. The Interest Rates Are Considerably Low

The company does not believe in the traditional means of lending funds, considering there are lesser market instabilities to be faced when dealing only with intangible stocks. The good thing about it is that the interest rates that they place on every amount borrowed by clients are more within a range that will not be too difficult to reimburse later on. Last time we checked, the average interest rate that the company has in place ranges from 3% to 4%. That is almost half of even a third of what banks usually ask for. It is another benefit that many can take advantage of once they decide to strike a deal with Equities First Holdings.


3. The Debtors Need To Fulfill A Few Requirements Only

The economic crisis that has affected the world market in 2008 can still be felt by a lot of business owners at present. This fact has encouraged the bankers to increase the number of requirements and filter the individuals or companies who can be granted with a financial loan. The result is that the small firms that need funding become shunted to the side and given no aid.

Equities First Holdings prevents such a misfortune by providing a shorter list of requirements to the potential debtors to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. It entails that a lot of startups can avail the services of the lending company. Thus, we can see a lot of businesses flourish after borrowing money from them.

Why We Need Companies Like Equities First Holdings

As individuals who have the potential to apply for a loan in the future, be it for a car, house, or business that we have always wanted to have, it is crucial to know that there are lending companies such as Equities First Holdings to ask for help from. Depending on banks to lend a hand will be like waiting for your wayward bird to fly back to you since their decisions are always unpredictable. Sometimes, if you come across a moody banking officer, they may not even consider your words or letters if you cannot provide one of the documents they have indicated. Not to mention, the interest rates that real banks impose are too high, to the extent that you may be willing to pay an arm and a leg, and it won’t still suffice in the end.


Nevertheless, all your worries will become forgotten once you ask for financial assistance from a company that offers a stock-based loan. For one, you can put away your land title and other papers that you may use as collateral. You do not have to think of your assets getting liquidated if you fail to pay on time either. Beyond that, it is nice to know that the interest rates do not go through the roof, so even an ordinary wage earner won’t be too scared to avail them.

Anytime you need to borrow money. Therefore, you should find out if Equities First Holdings can accommodate you. Good luck!

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