Building A Family And Managing Finances

As an individual, I think it is one’s nature to hope and dream for a better future – literally a better career. One will always dream of landing in a better job with high salaries. We always aim of reaching the stars as an individual. But what about having a family? Will it ever occur […]

Business Must Go On Even With This Pandemic

I am not an expert in finances and businesses or anything like that, but I can say that at this time, it is not safe to release a big amount for business expansion. We are in a pandemic, and that limits our physical contact to the outside world. Most businesses need their patrons on-site, and […]

What To Do Before Making Investments

I attended the 2018 Investment Forum to offer support to my friend, who organized it. Investing never crossed my mind before, even though I already had saved most of my salary over the years. What piqued my interest was the promise of never needing to work for anyone else by becoming an investor. It had […]